Many people asked me if building online relationship works, as they think that I have to constantly spend few hours chatting with many people. Most of the time, I don’t talk too long, and more interested to look for people chat with random people or groups who are relevant for me to talk to.

Some aspect of doing this is actually similar building business relationship offline, and spin off further on social media marketing. Some of my connection who started as stranger has become my real genuine friends who are keen to know me better in and want to explore future collaboration.

Here’s how you can view a potential contact during 1st point of contact. Every one you meet is a potential to build business relationship, not a direct customer who buys from you. Whether you’re attending a happy hour with other business owners in your community or helping a customer solve a problem over the phone, it’s a chance to make a positive impression. Being consistently helpful and upbeat creates a more profitable business. Some steps on how this are being done offline.

Step 1
Attend networking events whenever you can. Be a good listener and offer to be helpful in whatever way makes sense. The accountant who offers a new real estate agent advice on where to advertise in town is going to be remembered over the accountant who spent ten minutes pitching his services.

Step 2
Be creative in building business relationships with your colleagues. You’re usually safe connecting with a business in another industry. Consider this profitable scenario: the owner of the new smoothie store in town prints up coupons then distributes them to all the local health clubs. In return she displays their brochures in her place of business.

Step 3
Take your relationships with your customers seriously by being courteous and responsible with every transaction. Remember that people don’t have to return to your store. Search for books by Don Peppers and Martha Roberts, who’ve been writing about customer relationships since the 1980s.

Step 4
Invest in online relationships the same way you would invest in face-to-face relationships. Online alliances and customer contacts can be just as profitable. Search engines tally up the links pointing to your site, so email the owners of sites with content related to your business.

When I started my Facebook Journey in end year 2007, I believe in making more friends and connected with the people rather than treat them as strangers. After all, most business deals in long run are done when people are most comfortable with you and know you well to ask for your product or services.

In Facebook, here’s how people get to know me as a friend which kickstart the building social media marketing relationship.

Taking further from step 4 of business relationship. Here’s how I would follow up with him.

Introduce myself to the him and reply to his email request.
Say how do you know him (through mutual friends, groups or his email requestetc)
Mention briefly on your elevator pitch
Mention how you can add value of being his friend.
Continue this with his groups or friend pages that he highlighted. Note: Do not start adding his friends and spam them messages.
Interesting point is that I didn’t hard sell my product or services during conversation.

Social media marketing for me is practice how I can communicate better with fellow human beings.

After the initial conversation and share bit of tips on our expertise, I realized that we have common goal starting from networking to how to use Internet for better communication. I was proud at that moment to gain one extra new friend which I can contact online, and this to emphasis good social media marketing relationship.

Hope this social media marketing tips gives some insights about relationship building.If you have interesting story about yourself and your business, do share it out in this blog as I hope more variety of story than a generic social media marketing post. Cheers and have a good week ahead.